One in three Canadian companies faces a skilled labour shortage, according to a 2012 study by CIBC World Markets. With this and a strong business case in mind, Viable works with employers, service providers and people with disabilities to help achieve their workforce goals.

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'Disability' covers a huge spectrum of conditions, ranging from arthritis and depression to physical and developmental challenges. You probably already accommodate a person with some sort of a disability in your organization without even thinking about it.

If you have more than seven employees, odds are you have an employee with a disability. If you're unaware, it might mean that they're anxious about speaking up. We can tell you how to bolster their confidence. The return for your organization is even greater productivity. You're also letting the rest of your staff know how much you value your people.

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Viable has a successful track record of promoting workplaces and changing employer perspectives toward people with disabilities. Our innovative approach includes forging partnerships with industry associations, an attitude-changing marketing campaign, and employer best-practice discussions. Our employer list includes some of the most innovative and forward-thinking organizations in Alberta. Their common denominator is a desire to attract and retain the best people for the workforce.

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Great companies bend over backwards for their people. Viable helps employers attract and retain a wider variety of good candidates for their workforces. Your chances of finding the right person for the job are better if you draw from a more diverse and inclusive labour pool.

Employees with disabilities routinely post productivity and retention rates higher than the average for persons without disabilities. 98% of people with a disability rate average or better in work safety compared to employees without disabilities. In a Calgary survey, nearly half of the people with a disability also have a post-secondary education. In short, it's a resource you can't ignore.

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Working with people who have disabilities isn't counterproductive. You're likely already doing it. Almost half a million Albertans have a disability of some kind. That number is only going to increase with the aging population, so the sooner you learn to adapt to people with disabilities, the better prepared your organization will be. Here are some great examples of foresight.

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Business is often a matter of connections. Viable can help you make the right ones to answer your questions, find valued employees and diversify your workplace. We have a network of service providers who can help you access talent from places you may not have tried before. Here is a list of professional resources...

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