Viable U


Welcome to Viable U, where we forgo tuition and develop intuition. Since about one in seven Albertans has a disability of some kind, odds are you’re instinctively accommodating someone with a disability in your workplace.

We’ve compiled a comprehensive library of resources you can use to adapt to the labour market and learn about engaging employees with disabilities. You’ll discover the business case for a more diverse and inclusive workplace. The more aware and accommodating you are, the greater the commitment you’re showing your people.


Resource topics include:

Disabilities Defined

‘Disability’ often makes people think in terms of wheelchairs or guide dogs. But disabilities take many forms. The more you know, the better off your organization will be.

Recruiting and Hiring

A step-by-step process and strategies employers can use to bring people with disabilities into their diversity planning and hiring/retention practices.

Legal Viability

Find out your rights as an employer, as well as the answers to frequently asked questions about working with people with disabilities.

Let's Make it Work

Workplace accommodations are simple, cost-effective ways employers can help employees with disabilities achieve their greatest potential. It’s a win-win.


Actions speak louder than words, especially when it comes to showing your commitment to inclusive hiring and employment.

The Labour Market

Alberta’s labour market is like yoga pants: tight but with a hidden ability to expand. Get information, outlooks and workforce projections here.