About Viable

One in three Canadian companies faces a skilled labour shortage, according to a 2012 study by CIBC World Markets. With this and a strong business case in mind, Viable works with employers, service providers and people with disabilities to help them achieve their workforce goals.

One way to mitigate the labour shortage is to expand your perspective to untapped talent pools, such as people with disabilities. How big is that pool? According to the latest figures, it's 4.4 million Canadians. And that's only the number who are willing to disclose a disability.

Viable's commitment is to create lasting connections between employers, service providers and employees, and to help employers diversify their hiring practices. Best of all, our services are provided at no cost to employers. To receive Viable information and event announcements please sign up.

Viable was created by Prospect Human Services. Prospect helps people who face barriers to employment, including people with disabilities, recent immigrants and military personnel looking to transition to a civilian career. Prospect believes anyone who wants a fulfilling job should have one. We're driven to help people who face barriers because society - all of us - reaps the benefits for years to come.