Viable Services

Here are a few of the ways organizations benefit from Viable's services:

Workforce Consultation

Viable Workforce Consultants get to know your company and provide services based on your unique requirements. Your Viable consultant can give you a picture of where you stand with respect to diversity and inclusion. A plan can then be developed to help your company successfully increase diversity and enhance inclusion across your organization. Your Workforce Consultant can also provide you with appropriate information, resources and connections to support your efforts towards a fully inclusive environment. 

Effective Strategy Forums

Viable hosts networking events where innovative professionals share best practices for attracting and retaining employees with disabilities. These events include roundtables and presentations by experts. Issues are identified based on employer feedback and relevant resources are made available. 


Viable offers training at all levels of an organization to help create a culture that is diverse and inclusive. Three different overview courses and nine follow-up seminars are available for employees, managers, and senior executives. The courses allow you to build upon strengths and identify areas for improvement. All training is conducted in the workplace by our experts.



Contact Viable today for a free consultation and discover the business case for expanding your diversity profile. We'll help you explore how a more diverse and inclusive workforce can work for your organization.