Imagine you’re hiring
a manager.

You get a very good range
of applicants.

Among them, someone who
works from a wheelchair and uses a speech generating device.

A person who has an Ivy League education and has schizophrenia.

A college drop-out with
a learning disability.

Someone with a resume
like your own,
who reminds you of yourself.

Someone with dyslexia who
didn’t finish high school.

Naturally, you hire the person
who reminds you of yourself.

Unfortunately, you reject
Stephen Hawking, John Nash, Steve Jobs and Richard Branson.

Recently, our organization
placed a job-seeker with Asperger’s Syndrome.

In his first year with
his new employer, he is on track
to be their top salesperson.

When you make an exception,
you open the door to the exceptional.

(And that makes an organization Viable.)